The blame game 👉 👈

gif by Robert Ek
If the world were ever off script, it’s right now. People are tired of liberal democracy. They want to shake up the establishment to see what it’s made of.

America is not enduring another Civil War. There’s no line drawn in the sand between North and South — we’re all intermixed. Your neighbors are fighting the same dialectic but living in their echo chambers of social media confirmation bias. Facebook and Twitter amplify uncertainty which drives fear, irrational emotions, ultimately leading to sidedness and poor decisions.

This isn’t normal, no matter how much the new leadership wants it to be. The media’s overreaction appears justified, cautioning against the emergence of a gentler American fascism and a kleptocracy that thinks disorder and darkness is the future.

If this is what the people want, then they’re going to get it until they regret it, while the opposition fights like hell to get the world back where it used to be. 


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